Heat Liability Waiver

If your athlete has not been to Heat Athletics before, please complete this waiver and bring in upon arrival.

You can also sign our electronic waiver by creating an account in our online registration system, Mindbody.

Rules & Regulations

What to Wear:

Athletes can wear t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, capris, leotards, or any other comfortable athletic wear. They can wear cheer shoes or bare feet, based on their preference. Please have athletes remove all jewelry before arriving at class. Hair should be pulled neatly out of their faces. Personal items should be left in the athlete zone. Heat Athletics’ staff will not be held responsible for any items that may be lost or stolen.

General Gym Rules:

  • Time at Heat Athletics should be focused on learning and practicing, no horseplay.
  • Athletes are to respect and listen to the instruction of all staff.
  • Athletes should not be on equipment unless they are in a supervised class, team or clinic setting.
  • No chewing gum or food and drinks allowed on the floor or gym equipment.
  • Only one athlete allowed on equipment at a time.
  • Athletes are not allowed to spot one another.

Open Gym Rules:

  • Athletes must be ages 5+ to take part in our regular open gyms. Athletes under 5 should attend our daytime open play.
  • Athletes must have a completed waiver on file to participate.
  • Athletes must only work on skills they have been taught previously or are working on. This should not be a time to try something new for the first time without prior instruction.
  • Staff members are only allowed to spot if there is a 1 staff to 8 athlete ratio or less.

Absence/Make-up Policy:

Athletes who cannot attend a class can make-up their class session on another day during an equivalent level or type of class. Please notify us ahead of time what class your athlete will be missing and what class they plan to attend to make-up to ensure we can update the roster accordingly.


No refunds for classes missed or dropping out of class. Credit will be issued for another class, with a doctor’s note, if student will miss 3 or more classes.