Heat Athletics – Our Purpose

Enable POSITIVE, CARING, STRONG and CONFIDENT individuals to help set them up for success in their future.

Without a strong work ethic, success is very difficult to achieve. Our philosophy is to teach athletes the value of accountability and earning successes on and off the mat. At Heat Athletics we work to motivate each athlete at an individual level, as well as a team level. We mentor our athletes to build cheerleading fundamentals and develop their strengths. With our effort-based standards our athletes possess more self-confidence, trust their skills, trust their teammates and coaches, and are prepared to overcome pressure and adversity in competition.

What does this mean?  We want to create positive leaders in both work and recreational environments. It is equally as important to keep our gym values similar to that of a family and teach athletes to be caring to all of those around them. We want to create athletes that are both mentally and physically strong, to be able to handle stressful situations, understand the importance of teamwork and to physically master difficult skills. We want to create confident young women and men that will succeed in future jobs because of excellent interpersonal skills.  We aspire to help mold people that others find inspirational and desire to be around.

How are we going to do this? By loving our athletes and empowering them to find their strengths and apply them. Additionally, by helping them identify and understand their weaknesses to better recognize opportunity for improvement and a path to achievement. By being patient and working with each child to enable personal and physical growth, and building trust through lasting relationships. By teaching self-confidence and respect – respect for themselves and respect for others. By pushing them to appropriate limits to help build the work ethic that is sought out by teachers, professors and employers. We will teach our athletes the importance of discipline, dedication and commitment – and to have faith to live their life kindly, boldly and bravely.

Heat Athletics is about the journey, the athlete and the Heat family.

Heat Athletics’ Policies